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Get Gemini daily love horoscope for free as per astrology reading. Today's Gemini love prediction will help you attract romance and affection in life.

One should take extra care in this matter. They fall victim to illnesses — they are usually some nervous indispositions, bowel weakness — sometimes pulmonary ailments. They should beware catching cold through the feet, for which they might have a tendency. The should avoid strong medicine, for its effect on their sensitive organism is too potent and throws them off balance.

Especially any kind of drugs may have a very negative effect on the organism functions and cause disorders, as well as harmful habits and later addictions. They are kind to their environment, especially to those of lower standing, which is especially visible in their attitude towards their subordinates and service.

Daily Horoscopes/Astro Highlights for each Sign:

They can fully appreciate their sacrifice and faithfulness, they might even be too forgiving and tolerant for them. If your birthday is on March 16 your zodiac sign is Pisces. Go to the next page and see most famous March 16 Birthdays. There's an opportunity to grow into a new and stronger being, on a spiritual and mental level.

The Sun forms a harsh aspect on Jupiter and this can be a relief from what you've experienced in the past.

As Jupiter often seeks out things to grow, you learn from battles that war within. Your inner dialogue can be heard loud and clear. It's another opportunity to sit with pen and paper, to journal and ponder where you are now and where you want to be during the morning, then later go out and become that person. A fresh start is just around the corner and you've got enough time before the Full Moon arrives on March 20th to get your intentions prioritized. Today's Sun works in harmony with Pluto, Mars and Saturn.

Action and purpose can bring you to such a wonderful resolution that's natural and effective. Give yourself an hour today and tomorrow to embrace this hidden opportunity forming in the astrology of the weekend. It's a signal from the powers that be that a new year is near and a chapter is about to begin in your unwritten book of life.

Birthday Horoscope March 16th

Aries, the workload is winding down for you and those feelings of relief are rushing over you. In these next few weeks, you're letting go of negative energy and it will have you feeling freer than ever. Taurus, nobody gets anywhere without a little, or a lot, of hard work. If you want something bad enough, it's going to happen as long as you put in the required work to make it a reality. Gemini, let your brain do all of the decision making today.

You may have to do something you don't want to do, but don't let your emotions take over. Think rationally about the assignment at hand and get it done. The purpose in lives of those born on March 16th is to find their true Self and their core of all creative power.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

They should always stay in touch with their child within, aware that it is their strongest gravity towards laughter and happiness. On their path, they will have to change and separate from outer influences that build their primal character, only to learn that they are truly magnificent just as they are, being their own stable pillar in life.

Your Horoscope Today - Predictions for March 16

It is their mission to rule, lead, materialize, and sense things with their gut, and they are to become directors, managers, or their own boss in this lifetime. The story of the Sun and Venus is the story of mature and sensual love.

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Although Venus isn't the planet closest to our solar giant, it is the one that keeps the most of its warmth to itself, and they share a special story under the clouds of Venus that others don't seem to understand. This is exactly the atmosphere that the love life of those born on March 16th will be like, a bit foggy and hidden but warm and extremely passionate.

Secret relationships are possible, as well as relationships with people in high positions, positions of power, or a combination of an older man with a younger woman, him posing as her father figure and her hero. In general, this is a story of one person being the other person's savior, as well as the story of lovers that can't wait to shine in the spotlight together.

March 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It is very probable that all of the possible scenarios will be tried out at some point in lives of those born on this date. Still, their main objective when it comes to their emotional world is to find something true and stable, someone to keep them in a constant state of energetic and emotional fulfillment, and someone they understand well enough to feel confident about the future. An individual born on March 16th excels in all things that are creative and artistic, in every situation that requires relaxation and confidence, and need to build up into people they were born to be.

This is a special date when individuals that have something to bring to planet Earth are born, and the sooner they become aware of their mission, the sooner they will feel complete and in sync with their true nature and their calling. Sunstone is one of the best crystals a person born on March 16th may use.

March 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Although it is typically a Leo stone, it will aid their Sun greatly and help them value life and find joy in it when times get rough. This stone will awaken cosmic consciousness, reminding one of their true purpose in life and all of the blessings and talents they were born with. A present for a person born on March 16th should be something to wear, something branded and expensive, or a night out with an important authority figure or a role model.